Having a standout resume is the first step in landing at your dream job. With ever increasing number of candidates for a particular job it is imperative that you have a CV that catches the attention of the recruiter on first look. Once you are able to catch the attention of the recruiter then you have already brushed aside many candidates, the recuirter will look into detail about your skills,experience and education and will shortlist your for the interview. Now the question arises how to catch the attention of the recruiter with your CV in first glance? Since most of the CVs are monotonous and traditional if you can make the CV look unique and distinctive then that will definitely catch the attention of the recruiter. This is the need Realtime CV tries to fulfill i.e to create eye-catching resumes. 

We are based in Edinburgh, United Kingdom and employ a team of top designers, resume writers and developers from various parts of the world to fulfill this need for the people i.e create infographic resumes. Our Standard CV Design tool makes this whole process painless, you just simply enter your career info into our CV tool and it gives you creative and stunning CV that you can download as PDF and send to the recruiters for job applications. Realtime CV interactive CV design tool is world's first tool of this kind, developed primarily to help people make better CVs and get their dream jobs.

Why Your CV Needs to Stand Out

If you want a CV that gets potential employers to invite you for interview, it’s time to create an eye catching infographic that ticks all the right boxes. Realtime CV’s simple to use software allows you to generate high quality designs easily and quickly, at a price that doesn’t break the bank.  

With so many people in the job market nowadays, standing out from the crowd has never been easier. You may have all the qualifications you need for a particular position but then so do a lot of other people. What’s more, their experience could count more, putting your application way down the list when potential employers come to review possible candidates for interview.

Businesses look for top talent in different ways, from searching LinkedIn, putting ads in newspapers and online to using the services of professional head-hunters. According the Guardian recently, beating the competition with a good CV is vital if you want that job:

“A small business owner recently shared his complete shock at receiving 400 applications for one secretarial position they had advertised. You can imagine with that amount of applications, no employer has time to go through each CV in detail so if you want to stand a chance of being shortlisted for interview, you literally have to make an impact, and fast.”

Stand Out with an Engaging Infographic

There are many more options available for publishing and creating a great CV nowadays. A site such as realtimecv.com allows you to make attractive looking infographic CVs at the touch of a button, also providing a few other services such as custom designs, content reviews, and helping customers write great cover letters. Choosing an infographic means you can create something that stands out and certainly a CV which employers are immediately impressed by.

Why a Creative Infographic or Designer CV is Important

First of all, employers who are viewing job applicants don’t want to wade through several pages of information in a CV, no matter how interesting your career has been. They want something that is to the point, attractive and easy to read. Infographics fulfill all these criteria and the great thing is they can be accessed by the employer in a variety of formats.

Getting your personality across in a CV that immediately engages potential employers has been difficult in the past – most of the time you were restricted by having to use a simple word processor or, if you wanted something with more power, going to a specialist designer which cost a lot of money. A creative info graphic has plenty of power and can be viewed both online and offline by potential employers. With the Realtime CV software you can put in images, quickly format your design, share with friends and businesses and easily update when you need to.

If you are looking for something more custom-made then you can get a great designer CV from the team at Realtime CV too. All you need do is take a look through our range of designs, upload a copy of your CV and we’ll do the rest, producing the perfect looking resume that has the kind of X-Factor employers are looking for.

No Skill Required

Using our software for CV infographic creation is very simple. You don’t need to have specialist computing skills and you don’t have to invest in expensive software. Simply log onto the site and begin creating your info graphic straight away. It’s a highly flexible system, designed to produce results that catch the eye. It’s ideal for all industries and careers including lawyers, doctors, and students who have just graduate, as well as accountants and everyone in between.

Keeping It Simple and Engaging

Prospective employers who advertise a job will need to look at a large number of CVs and application forms. HR departments for big companies often get several speculative enquiries every day in addition to this. Recruiters will tend to speed scan applications, whether online or hard copy, looking for keywords, relevant experience, putting aside the ones that don’t meet their expectations at this stage.

A brilliant, attractive infographic that gets across your key points is ideal under these circumstance. Keeping your writing simple to read, clear but highly engaging is easy when you have a format and tool that is not only straight forward but creates highly dramatic content that cuts to the chase.

Always Include a Cover Letter

You’ve created the best CV infographic you can and are ready to go. Most employers look for a cover letter too, a short introduction from the applicant that just adds a little meat to the bones. In fact, many often use the covering letter as a way of sorting piles of CVs, discarding applications if they don’t have one or, if they do, sorting the good ones from the bad.

So what makes a good cover letter? According to recruitment platform Monster:

“You should use it to point out things in your CV that are relevant to the job you are going for. If you have a real interest in the company and its products, or you have certain qualifications that are suitable for this job, then use your cover letter to say so.”

The great news is that Realtime CV provide an excellent cover letter writing service to complement their state-of-the-art infographic software.

With today’s competitive employment landscape, finding new and exciting ways to stand out that also give you flexibility are key. You can add the info graphic to your website, or post it on social media, as well as send it both digitally and hardcopy to interested parties. Realtime CV is making this possible right now and all at a price you can easily afford.