Why should I choose
We are professional and experienced CV writers with experience across a range of different industries and sectors. In addition, believes in charging fair and realistic prices alongside providing the best customer service possible.  We are motivated by a genuine desire to help you take the next step in your career.

How secure is your website?
Your data is fully safe with us and held on our secure servers.  Any purchase you make is securely completed via our online payment provider, whose servers encrypt your personal information, including your name and address, as you proceed through the checkout process. Be assured, our online payment provider uses the highest level of security to ensure your credit card or payment information is protected.

Do you have offices I can visit in person?
No, as we operate worldwide this is not possible.

I have a question that wasn’t answered here.
Before buying the service, if you have any questions just send an e-mail to  and we love helping our customers.



What can I expect from the Resume Builder?
Resume Builder is online tool where we offer number of resume builder templates. Pick a template you like and simply feed your content in it also if you like to change colours - you can do it quickly and easily.  If you decide that you would like to download a PDF copy of the resume, a small fee is required. We keep our fee very low. You can complete your order in our checkout area, making payment via our online payment provider. 

Can my CV be translated into other languages?
At this time, Resume Builder does not provide auto translation but you can feed content in any language.

Why is demo data showing?
This just provides you with a guide on how to complete the data.

How many times I can download my CV?
Once purchased, you can amend your CV anytime, and you are allowed to make changes to your CV unlimited times and publish PDF and download unlimited times.

Where can I download my CV after purchase?
We recommend, first you enter all the content in your CV and  generate PDF. Then go to 'My Account' / 'My CVs' 'My Purchased CV' and click on 'Download' icon to download your CV in PDF file.

Can I use my account to produce CVs for other people?
Yes, absolutely - you can buy more licences.

My CV doesn’t fit into the standard design, what do I do?
We also offer customisation - you can look our custom design gallery. We don't want that you like something on our website and you can't get it. Simply send your request at or submit a query at:

I like the Resume Builder Designs, but I need to add a further custom sections to it.  Can you assist?
We also offer customisation on Resume Builder templates as well, simply send your request at or submit a query at: we would love to help

What is buy one more licence?
If you need a CV for other people, you simply buy one more licence and it will  appears in 'My Account' / 'My CVs' 'My Purchased CV'. Click on 'Edit' icon to start feeding content in it and when you are finished publish fully print ready PDF.



What is Custom Design service?
Custom CV design service means, we have a gallery of designs, you simply pick a design you like and fill a form with all your requirements. Our project manager and graphic designer review all your requirements and provide free consultancy. When you are fully happy what you need then we send you quote. Make a secure payment by pay pal or card and we will send you confirmation email. After that, you can send your CV to us in DOC or PDF format. Our graphic designer will work on your CV and deliver it to you under timeframe.  If we have questions for you, we will contact you by e-mail, otherwise your customised CV will be ready in given timeframe.  All our CVs are delivered back in A4- ready lightweight PDF format, though we do also offer DOC format for some designs at additional cost.

Can my CV be translated into other languages?
At this time, we do not provide CV writing or editing in languages besides English. But still we can discuss in consultancy phase.

What information do I need to provide you for the Custom Design service?
Just a copy of your existing CV and any further instructions for the designer. Make sure you send final copy of your CV to avoid multiple loops of revisions.

Are there different CV templates or layouts for me to choose from?
We offer a number of different templates for you to choose from. During the consultancy phase, we can recommend/suggest you specific design.  If you have any question, send us a quick email, we would love to help you all the way!

How long will it takes for to complete my CV?
Our turnaround times depend on the type of CV. However for the majority of orders our turnaround times are five (5) working days for the first draft of your CV. This will be stated when you place an order with us. We also offer urgent service on selected designs.

How I can communicate with the designer who is working on my CV?
All the communication with the designer will be via e-mail or messagign platform. 

The CV I gave you had some grammar mistakes and not final, could you fix it or rewrite?
If you buy CV writing service we can fix grammar mistake and rewrite but our graphic designer will not correct grammar mistake or rewrite anything. We request to send final CV.

How many revisions are offered?
1 to 3 loops of minor revisions 

Can I buy source files as well?
No, we don’t sell or provide source files.



What you offer in writing services?
We offer CV writing and Covering letter writing.

Can I just buy a cover letter?
Yes, you can.

What is the process for requesting the Writing service?
We have fixed price for CV writing and Covering letter. Simply add covering letter or/and CV writing in the basket and place order. After successful purchase, e-mail your CV, or the appropriate information for a covering letter.

My current CV is 6 pages long is that OK?
We have fixed price for CV writing service, we think average CV size should be 2 to 3 pages long but if your CV exceeds more than 4 pages still we are fine.

How long does it take to produce a CV or covering letter?
Once your CV or other information is received, we will produce your newly-worded CV or covering letter within three (3) working days. We can also produce the work expeditiously within one (1) working day, on request, however we will charge an additional fee for this.  Please contact us for a quote, if you are interested in this service.

My career is very specialised, can I have a writer assigned to the job who knows about my sector?
We have successfully written CVs for people from every sector. Our team of highly experienced professional CV writers know exactly what recruiters and employers are looking for in terms of CV content. The strength of a good CV is not so much listing what you have done, it's more about how you did it and what value you added. This is why we pay close attention where you have special requirements, and will (subject to payment of additional fees) be happy to arrange an e-mail consultation with you, so we can gather the quality information we require – by asking you the right questions.

Can you create a CV or letter from scratch?
Yes, we can create a CV for you entirely from scratch. For us, this is just as easy as rewriting or updating your existing CV.

Will you review my CV before I place an order?
Unfortunately, we do not evaluate CVs prior to ordering. If you need help deciding which product is right for you, please e-mail us at . We will happy to describe and clarify our services further and help you decide which one is right for you.

I am based overseas in a different time zone, can you still write my CV?
Yes, we are accustomed to working worldwide across various time zones – all we ask is that you are able to converse in and understand English.



Do you offer discounts or run promotions?
From time-to-time, we issue promotion codes.

Where do I enter promotion codes when ordering?
We have a promotion code box situated at the "Basket" page, where codes can be entered. You must take care when entering codes as they are case and space sensitive.