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Realtime CV Affiliate Programme

If you would like to help your website readers and friends to easily build modern and creative resumes (and earning generous commissions along the way) to land at the job of their dreams then our Affiliate Programme is perfect for you. Realtime CV Affiliate program will reward you for the sales you refer from your blog, website or any other web platform. All you need to do is to join our affiliate program and share your recommendation with your affiliate link and we will take care of the rest.
1. Apply
As a first step you will fill the application form below to become Realtime CV affiliate. You must own a website, a blog or social media platform from where you will send us the referral traffic.
2. Acceptance
Once we receive your application our team will review it and communicate with you directly about the ownership of the website. If you prove that you own the website/social media platform your application will be approved and you will become our affiliate.
3. Linking
Once approved you will be able to login to your affiliate dashboard and copy your affiliate product links and download accessory resources to publish on your website to link to us.
4. Earning
When visitor linked from your webiste land on our website and buy our products or services then we will credit you for each sale made via your affiliate link.

What we offer our new affiliate affiliates:
  • Cookie duration of 1 year with limitless sales via affiliate link
  • Top-performing products and high conversion rate
  • Ability to promote our products and services across geographies (US, Europe and Asia)
  • Dedicated Affiliate Manager to assist you along the way
Converting Products
Do you like promoting trusted, attractivve and high-quality products and services? Realtime CV has been among the best players for a number of years now.
Huge Commission
We care and reward heavily to our affiliates. Our affiliates receive up to 40% commission on each sale.Sweet deal, right?
Low Payment Threshold
There are no hidden terms. As soon as your commissions reach 100 USD, we'll start paying you via PayPal.
Design Materials
We value your time. That's why we got our designers to create banner ads for all our products and services. All you need to to is place them on your site.
You can keep track of all the orders placed with your affiliate link and track conversions by month, week or year.
Got any questions, doubts, suggestions, or just anything to share? We pay special attention to our affiliates with a support system always at your service.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How do I know if I am eligible to become Realtime CV affiliate?

    Becoming Realtime CV affiliate is easy. You just need to own a website that draws good amount of traffic and refer visitors to our website. We will review your application and if you meet the criteria then you will be approved as our affiliate and start earning with your website.

  • What if I don't have a website?

    There are lots of simple online tools available that can help you to quickly create a website. But if you do not want to make a website, you could look at promoting on social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. If you don't own the website then enter the link of the social media platform you own in application website form field.

  • How much I can earn in a month?

    It depends upon how much visitors you refer and how much of them get converted into sales. We have following commission structure:

    • 20% commission on all the sales done in a month if the number of sales in a month is less than 250.
    • 30% commission on all the sales done in a month if the number of sales exceed 250 but are less than 500.
    • 40% flat commission on all the sales done in the month if the number of sales exceed 500.

    Please note that the accounting of monthly sales count will start from 1st of every month and ends at close of the month. To see our product prices please review following product gallery pages:

    Online Resume Builders
    Custom Resume Design

  • How long does it take to get my affiliate application reviewed?

    In normal situations, your application will be reviewed within a number of hours, however in some circumstances in can take as long as 7 business days depending upon the volume of applications received.

  • Why haven't I been approved as a affiliate?
    We take a close look at each and every affiliate application to ensure the integrity of the application. Here are some reasons why we might not approve your account:-
    • Your website is not relevant to our niche
    • Your web site listed has been infected with malware​
    • The email address that you've used to sign up with has been blacklisted by the various spam houses
    • If you receive an email to say that your application has been rejected, then simply reply to the email and we are more than happy to help you understand why you've been rejected and to work through getting you approved.
  • How are payments made?

    Payments are made through Paypal to the Paypal email address that you can set in your affiliate dashboard.

  • When are payments sent?

    For each sale that you make, there is a 15 day "pending" period before the commission is confirmed. This is due to payment confirmation via payment processor that takes about 7-10 business days for payment to receive in our bank account. So for example, if you made a sale on 15th March then you will be able to request it's withdrawal on 1st April.

  • What is the minimum payout?

    The minimum payout is $50. Your earnings should reach this amount before you can request to withdraw payments.

  • How do you track those sales back to me?

    We drop a cookie on any customer browser who lands on our website through links from your website.

  • How do our offers convert?

    The conversion rate of a landing page heavily depends on many factors mainly the quality of the traffic, any pre-sales material that the affiliate has launched.. and so on. We have had affiliates that send a lot of visitors to a landing page without conversion and at the same time have had affiliates that have little but quality traffic that converts.

  • What is the Cookie Duration?
  • Can I purchase through my own affiliate link?

    No. ​We strictly forbid the buying of our services through your own affiliate link in order to ensure that credit of the sale goes to the correct affiliate. We will not pay out commissions to anyone who buys through their own link. Any such abuse of service identified will result in terminiation of your affiliate account.

  • Where can I see my pending commissions?

    Pending commissions are recorded instantly when the customer buys the license and can be seen by logging into your affiliate dashboard.

  • What if the prospective customer doesn't buy on the first visit?

    No problem. Our cookies persist for 1 year. As long as the customer makes some purchase in that time frame you should receive credit for the order. However if the customer changes browsers, clears their cookies, or chooses to browse in incognito mode we will lose tracking.

Apply To Become An Affiliate

Please submit the following form with your details and we will review your affiliate application. You will be notified about the resule of your application within 7 business days.